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Teaming Up With Youth Sports in America

Established in 1979, the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) comprises the "who's who" in the youth sports industry. NCYS is the portal to the youth sports industry.

The NCYS membership serves 60,000,000 boys and girls registered in organized youth sports programs. Our reach is broad and deep into the grassroots of America's heartland. With that comes much responsibility and lots of opportunity. NCYS is committed to the highest standards of quality and integrity with a passion to create a better, more wholesome society.

We need your help! By becoming as corporate partner, you will be reaching out to help support millions of kids natiionwide.

NCYS members are organizations such as Pop Warner Football, Little League Baseball, U.S. Youth Soccer, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), USA Gymnastics, USA Softball, U.S. Lacrosse, USA Basketball, U.S. Bowling Congress, USA Hockey, YMCA, many U.S. Olympic Committee NGBs (national governing bodies), to name a few. Click here for a complete list of NCYS members.

Imagine the reach for a company to market its product and brand through 44-million youth and their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles! A company will proudly achieve superior brand recognition by aligning itself with NCYS' responsible, ethical, credible, and reliable quality youth sports programming in America.

Partnership Opportunities are Available

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Partnerships/sponsorships are one of the best ways to create brand awareness, goodwill, advertise one's services, as well as reaffirm the company's reputation as a responsible corporate citizen in the business world. NCYS has a huge reach with much diversity and flexibility that allows us the ability to customize and adjust our messaging to appeal to the corporate brand promotion.

Credibility, integrity and vigilant visibility have remained at the core of everything we do for our members and our industry. NCYS is unique and we pride ourselves on living up to our Strategic Plan as well as being respected by our members, the media, the government, corporate America and the leaders in and around our industry.

The NCYS members are the gatekeepers, the key decision-makers, the power of influence and behavior, and the advocates for valued youth sports participation.

NCYS is the largest known organization in America representing youth-serving industry. No other sport organization in America reaches more grassroots participants than the combined membership of the NCYS. Our reason to exist is to enhance the youth sports experience in America for today and for generations to come!

Please review our Corporate Partner's Program [PDF]. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss options and explore where the best "makes-sense" lies for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Corporate Partners

National Center for Safety Initiatives

Complete online background screening services for youth-serving organizations.
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STRIVE Award for Organization of the Year

This award praises organizations' commitment to kids' health, wellness and safety, demonstrating to young people that it is possible for Sports to Teach Respect, Initiative, Values and Excellence without compromising safety.
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Privit Profile: Electronic Pre-Participation Evaluation (e-PPE)

Privit Profile is the #1 provider for electronic pre-participation evaluation software on the market today. Privit Profile is dedicated to helping athletic trainers, coaches, athletic departments, and other organized athletic programs develop best practices for compliance when it comes to improving the health and safety of your athlete.
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Healthy Kids Out of School

Leading out-of-school-time organizations to combat childhood obesity and promote healthy eating and physical activity both on and off the field.
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SPORT iD was developed as a FREE PLAYERS SAFETY app to provide a universal check-in process that includes player verification, emergency contact information and medical information- allergies, previous injuries and existing conditions- to youth sports organizers allowing them to access the information in seconds in the event of an emergency.
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Building the best means being on-site to ensure your project runs smoothly and that quality is top priority, from start to finish. It also means delivering your project on time, on budget, and backing up our work with an industry-leading warranty.
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Windswept Marketing

Windswept Marketing is creating creative solutions for your sports branding needs. Embroidered Emblems, Lapel Pins, Lanyards and more!
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Coaching Healthy Habits

Make the call for a healthy team! Coaches across the country are helping players perform their best by following three healthy principles. Start by taking the Coaching Healthy Habits training, then get ideas to bring to your next practice or game. Be sure to share with other coaches and parents.
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S.P.O.R.T.S. - The Relationship Conference

An open forum with a unique frank discussion format for industry leaders, grass roots organizers, destination marketers and everyone in between to talk, question, and share.
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Active Policy Solutions

Active Policy Solutions provides government relations and advocacy support to clients; specializing in sports, health, wellness, youth development, and civil rights policy.
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Celatica: Athletic & Therapy Apparel

Celatica, LLC, selected by NCYS as a Preferred Partner, offers a line of high-end performance, sports and athletic apparel, health sleep and recovery products designed for everyone, at all ages. Celatica products are "Made in the USA" with Celliant, a specially formulated material shown to enhance oxygen levels in the body turning wasted energy into useable energy.
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NATA's Youth Sports Safety Alliance

With the support of 29 other leading health care and sports organizations, they are raising awareness about youth sports safety and promoting legislation to improve health care for young athletes.
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Certified Sports Administrator (CSA)

Six online courses for leaders, coaches and parents. Developed for NCYS by The George Washington University.
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SportsEvents Magazine

Your resource publications for amateur sporting events and competitions.
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Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports | A CDC Program

Preventing, recognizing and responding to a concussion
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Web development for the NCYS and the non-profit world.
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