Strategic Plan

"When you fail to plan... you plan to fail."

The NCYS Strategic Plan represents the Board's efforts to further broaden the NCYS horizon and truly be a unified voice for youth sports particularly in the areas of advancing the values of participation while educating and developing leaders.

For its long-term success, there are five key priority issues identified in the NCYS Strategic Plan and they are:

  • Property Development
  • Quality Member Services
  • Marketing, Communications and Public Relations
  • Diversified Revenue Stream
  • Thought Leadership

This plan is not an end in itself - but rather reflects a way of thinking and an ongoing process. This plan is simply a tool to help NCYS accomplish its vision and mission. As in the previous strategic efforts, it is a changing and dynamic plan, which will be continuously revisited as a living document. It is only as good as the value of input from the membership - so all members are continually invited to give their feedback. Together we can produce a strategic plan that communicates our future and continues to build an organization that is visionary and relevant to the rapidly changing youth sports environment.

The NCYS Board of Directors is committed to successfully shaping - with your help - the NCYS future through the strategic planning process.