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NCYS: A Unified Voice for Youth Sports

NCYS promotes tangible opportunities for member organizations to participate, collaborate, and engage in the legislative process, always seeking to maximize industry representation. NCYS produces legislative lobby days, encouraging members to come to Washington, DC, and visit with their Representatives on serious issues relating to our business. NCYS also encourages member companies to cultivate relationships with elected officials by hosting events and inviting Representatives to visit their facilities. The success generated by a collaborative industry approach goes a long way in establishing critical long-term communications opportunities to promote amateur sports and business issues in Washington.

Get Involved

Call to Action Issues

Speak out on important issues and contribute to legislation affecting fields and facilities, advocate for the protection and safety of our children, fight obesity, promote physical activity & fitness, and influence other important youth sports industry public policy concerns.
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Physical activity, Living healthy, Access, Youth development, Safety (P.L.A.Y.S.)

The Youth Sports Legislative Agenda, entitled "P.L.A.Y.S." will strengthen five main pillars of youth involvement in sports: Physical activity, Living healthy, Access, Youth development, and Safety. The agenda is a compilation of legislation that augments the mission of the Congressional Caucus on Youth Sports. Each of these legislative measures included in the Agenda supports one of the five P.L.A.Y.S. pillars. Together, these proposals will provide suitable spaces, requisite resources, invaluable instruction, and paramount protection to promote healthy lifestyles for children and their families through youth sports activities.
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Make A Difference!

Advocacy Basics - Your Voice on Capitol Hill

Advocating for our members and promoting the value of the amateur youth sports industry to legislators and policymakers is an important priority for NCYS. To do this, we address legislative and regulatory issues that affect the nonprofit communities. We also strive to keep our members informed about Washington's legislative and regulatory activities. With grassroots mobilization and participation there is power in numbers.

The NCYS grassroots network supports the amateur youth sports community in the legislative process by promoting legislation that will have a positive impact on the industry. NCYS members (and their members) call, e-mail, fax, write, and meet with their Members of Congress.
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Legislative Action Plan

Government relations programs can be informational, reactive, proactive, or a mix. the NCYS is prepared to put forth legislation, respond to legislation that has already been introduced, mobilize grassroots volunteers when a bill is approaching final action, or commenting on published regulations. We are prepared to provide input to lawmakers, especially those on the committees or subcommittees that work on fine-tuning bills. We are also prepared to be proactive government relations partners with other groups by initiating legislation and providing input for laws and regulations as they are written.
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NCYS National Sports Week

The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) and the Congressional Caucus on Youth Sports celebrates National Youth Sports Week with Congressional office visits and by hosting an annual physical activity demonstration in the Rayburn House of Representatives Office Building Foyer. The event features how organizations and members of Congress can collaborate to promote healthy lifestyles for children and their families through sports.
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NCYS CEO Summit & Legislative Fly-In

NCYS brings together the amateur sports industry leadership to the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC. to:

  • provide focused discussions of timely subjects,
  • be an effective advocate in the legislative process,
  • visit with Senators and U.S. Representatives to influence Congressional legislation.

Whether you are well-versed in government relations or a freshman "working the halls of justice" this CEO Summit & Legislative Fly-In is for you. You will be well-briefed by distinguished plenary speakers and panelists so that you are aware of the issues and comfortable with the talking points. Most importantly, your opinions will be shaping the future of amateur sports.
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