Human Kinetics Coaching Education Courses

Improve the quality of your sport programs through coaching education

Coaches influence athletes at every level of sport. Through effective education, coaches can acquire the tools they need to be more successful in their roles and help ensure their impact is a positive one.

Human Kinetics and its American Sport Education Program (ASEP) have been training coaches for more than 30 years. At the youth level-where coaches work with athletes under 14 years old-our courses emphasize athlete development and discourage the win-at-all-costs philosophy.

The courses also teach youth coaches how to manage all aspects of their role, instruct players in performing techniques and executing team tactics, and conduct efficient and appropriate practice sessions. Numerous local, state, and national sport organizations and park districts have partnered with us to educate their coaches, and we can do the same for your organization.

The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) proudly endorses Human Kinetics' national coaching education program, which includes the Coaching Essentials course and nine sport-specific Coaching Youth Sport online courses offered through ASEP.

Here is what you can achieve with our coach education courses:

  • Enhance the quality of your coaches.
  • Improve your athletes' performance.
  • Create a safe playing environment.
  • Increase retention of coaches and participants.
  • Foster a positive sport experience for all involved that emphasizes athlete development over winning at all costs.

Through Coaching Essentials, first-time and inexperienced coaches will come away with a solid understanding of fundamental coaching concepts and basic coaching responsibilities. That same content is incorporated in the sport-specific Coaching Youth Sport courses, which also feature content on teaching technical and tactical skills of the various sports. Coaching Youth Sport courses are available for baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball, and wrestling.

NCYS and Human Kinetics will collaborate to define and recommend minimum guidelines for educating youth coaches. Watch this page in the coming months for information regarding the guidelines.

Human Kinetics, Inc. is a worldwide leader in providing quality informational and educational products in physical activity, health, sport, and sport science. Among its product offerings is a coaching curriculum, which features a wide variety of coaching courses and resources that can be used as is or tailored to suit organizations' specific needs, including those delivered through the American Sport Education Program.


To learn more about how your sport organization can implement and customize this effective coach education program-under your brand-visit American Sport Education Program, e-mail, or call 800-747-5698.