NCYS CEO Leadership & Insurance Summit

"Responsible Leadership ~ Managing Risks and Legal Compliance"
September 12, 2016 | Kansas City, KS

Note: This one-day meeting is being held the day before the start of SPORTS - The Relationship Conference | September 13-15, 2016. Kansas City, KS.

The morning session will focus on Mitigating Risk: An Ounce of Prevention highlighting programs, resources, educational tips & tools while showcasing why NCYS is the gold standard 'go-to' trusted resource for the amateur youth sports industry!

The NCYS Business Meeting including elections will be held during this summit along with a special recognition of NCYS' corporate partners.

The afternoon session will be an insurance roundtable on What Are the Insurance Benefits to Doing Your Due Diligence by Managing Risk? Risk mitigation planning is the process of developing options and actions to enhance opportunities and reduce threats. Knowing why and how to identify, measure, mitigate and monitor will certainly put you in the best position to manage and/or prevent some of the compliance catastrophes.

At the end of the day, we will have explored health, safety, wellness, injury prevention, legal & ethical compliance programs and issues. The ultimate expected outcome is to decipher what the insurance benefits might be to an organization that has established an effective and efficient risk management program thus either reducing the probability that the risk will occur or lessen the overall severity (damage or loss) experienced when it happens. Responsible Leadership ~ Managing Risks and Legal Compliance is certain to be an arousing, must attend youth sports industry event!