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2005 STRIVE Award Winners

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National Administrator of the Year

Lenny Silberman | JCC Association and Israel Sport Center for the Disabled - New York City, NY

Silberman instills values of fair play, life lessons, sharing cultures, and repairing the world for future generations
NEW YORK CITY, New York. (August 29, 2005) - For 11 years Lenny Silberman has served the JCC Association as Vice President of Program Services and the Continental Director of the JCC Maccabi Games. For his efforts, Silberman will be honored as the recipient of a 2005 Hershey's STRIVE Award as the National Youth Sports Administrator of the Year presented by the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS).
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Local Administrator of the Year

Rob Martin | Deep Run Valley Sports Association - Perkasie, PA

You'll Look A Long Time Before You Duplicate Him
PERKASIE, Pennsylvania. (September 5, 2005) - In 1995, Rob Martin began transforming the Deep Run Valley Sports Association's (DRVSA) softball program to what community supporters now say is "the luckiest sports association in Pennsylvania." For his tireless efforts Today Martin has carried his vision to admired achievement earning him the 2005 Hershey's STRIVE Local Youth Sports Administrator of the Year Award presented by the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS).
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Coach of the Year

Brenda Gilmore | Prince George's Tennis & Education Foundation - Upper Marlboro, MD

Everything She Does Goes Straight To The Kids
UPPER MARLBORO, Maryland. (September 5, 2005) - After a car accident, Brenda Gilmore was confined to a wheelchair for life. Seeking an activity that would exercise her body and her mind, she chose tennis. Applying herself wholeheartedly to the sport, Gilmore became one of the top ten wheelchair tennis players in the United States. She quickly realized that she could use the game she had come to love as a vehicle to help underprivileged young people and she launched the Prince George's Tennis and Education Foundation. The program develops self-esteem and promotes physical activity, healthy lifestyles, life skills, and academic excellence.
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Volunteer of the Year

Janet Holiday | San Antonio Sports Foundation - San Antonio, TX

Always Believe in the Importance of Sports in a Child's Life
SAN ANTONIO, Texas. (September 5, 2005) - Janet Holliday and her twin sister were not the best athletes; they were always the last ones standing to be picked to played sports. It would end up each team would take one sister. Holliday did not dwell on the order she was picked - she just wanted to play. To her playing sports was fun.
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