South Forsyth Youth Wrestling Club
2016 NCYS STRIVE Award Finalist

Cumming, Georgia

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"It's All About the Kids!"

Coach Billy Pope here from South Forsyth Youth Wrestling Club, we are humbled and honored to be selected as one of the finalist for the 2016 STRIVE AWARD sponsored by NCYS and AIG. We are excited for the opportunity to tell our story and promote the sport of wrestling from a team perspective.

South Forsyth Youth Wrestling Club was established in 2012 with 18 young athletes enthusiastic about the sport of wrestling. We have grown to 60+ wrestlers year after year, we have a saying "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE KIDS" Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of the sport f wrestling and incorporate life lessons as illustrated by STRIVE.

I have coached most of the sports that are out there, but coaching wrestling is the most difficult because young athletes want to do moves one way, we teach fundamentals and techniques the right way. Stressing safety so they are able to learn techniques and execute them with precision and expertise in order to win on the mat, as well as, off the mat.

What I mean when I say off the mat, wrestling is not exactly a team sport, it's one on one, wrestlers are out there competing in front of their parents, grandparents and friends. They can't hide behind others playing team sports like baseball or football, all they can do is go out there and compete.

It's very easy when you walk off the mat after winning with your head held high, showing sportsmanship, but, when you lose it's a different feeling. It's very important for us to stress upon the kids to show respect, self-discipline, sportsmanship and adhere to the core values that we teach here at South Forsyth.

In our wrestling club we have wrestlers from 4 to 14 years of age, with different maturity and weight levels, we don't consider ourselves just a wrestling club, but more of a family. It's very important to us that the family supports the wrestler, it is a difficult sport. We provide the parents with a written policy, ask them to sign a commitment form they know what to expect when their kid commits to our program. The parents also know that when they drop their kid off at our practice they are in a safe place and coached by certified coaches.

Our coaches are all certified by USA Wrestling which includes Background Screening, classes on safety, health and wellness relating to the sport of wrestling. They must pass a written examination. We have a designated Safety Coach, who is present at all practices, knowledgeable in concussion protocol, certified in first aid and exercise science. This separates us from the other wrestling clubs.

A vote for us will give you the satisfaction that you are supporting a wrestling club that is a member of USA Wrestling with over 226,000 members. Young athletes learning the sport of wrestling combined with life principles that last a life time


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"It's All About the Kids!"

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