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2017 NCYS STRIVE Award Finalist

St. Peters, Missouri

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"M.O.R.E. ~ Motivating Opportunities for Rehabilitative Exercise"

DASA works with children, adults and wounded veterans with physical disabilities. We estimate reaching over 300 children and adults with disabilities directly and another 600 indirectly through family focused sport and fitness activities. Through DASA's sports and fitness program we offer M.O.R.E - Motivating Opportunities for Rehabilitative Exercise.

M.O.R.E is a concept DASA is driven by to emphasize the benefits of fitness, sport and healthy living. Programs are offered year round that are physically and psychologically beneficial to our participants with physical disabilities. Programs such as swimming, very therapeutic but also teaches water safety; track and road/bike racing, a very family inclusive exercise that increases heart rate and strengthens endurance; rock climbing, fencing and martial arts all sports that require higher level motor planning and attention to task, but the participant sees it as a group session that he or she can participate in with friends and family.

Children who are continuously active in fitness and sports activities have a decreased risk of other health problems such as obesity, pressure sores, contractions, and respiratory disorders. Many children with physical disabilities are under insured for the amount of time and the quality of therapies they truly require to remain healthy. By participating in DASA the participants are assured strength and conditioning, endurance training, training in a family focused healthy activity and training in activities of daily living such as independence with transfers.

DASA's goal is to encourage a healthy living life style: DASA will encourage healthy living through recreational life sports, like swimming, Martial arts, Fitness training, and Rock climbing and offer follow up programming, decreasing the need for direct therapy services. So many of our participants do not participate with their friends and families in Healthy living activities. They resort to standard therapeutic means for exercise and fitness. In all we hope to have healthy and active minded children that no longer require the financial burden of clinical therapeutic settings but can enjoy a healthy life through functional activities with their community and family.

We believe once a participant in introduced to a family friendly inclusive opportunity as a motivating form of therapy and they are given the opportunity to demonstrate what they CAN do, then that child have better self-esteem. They are no longer products of the medical world. From this we have even seen participants come out of dependent attitudes and improve their self-advocacy skills, when feasible participants that will initiate walking instead of dependence on a wheelchair for mobility. Children will attempt skills and activities they don't normally do at home or in the community, because they had not been given the chance to demonstrate these skills outside the therapeutic setting.

DASA is proud to be recognized as a Silver Level Paralympic Sport Club and to be recognized by many Physicians and Rehab Centers in the St Louis metro area as the premier agency to provide strength and family focused training programs to people with physical disabilities.

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"M.O.R.E. ~ Motivating Opportunities for Rehabilitative Exercise"

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