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NCYS STRIVE Award for Organization of the Year

NCYS and AIG Proudly Present the STRIVE Award for Organization of the Year

S.T.R.I.V.E. Sports Teach Respect Initiative Values and Excellence

The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) and AIG are proud to present the STRIVE Award for Organization of the Year. This award recognizes organizations that embrace a "kids first" approach, evidenced by their implementation of recognized best practices and policies that protect kids by promoting responsible health, wellness and safety within their organization.

Criteria for selection includes demonstrating a heartfelt passion and a commitment and a contagious spirit for helping kids succeed in youth sports activities while maintaining a commitment to established safety procedures. This award praises organizations' commitment to kids' health, wellness and safety, demonstrating to young people that it is possible for Sports to Teach Respect, Initiative, Values and Excellence without compromising safety.

The STRIVE Award Selection Committee (NCYS judging panel) will be comprised of youth sports industry leaders who will choose the top five finalists from the submitted nominations and testimonials. All finalists' primary representative must pass the NCYS criminal background screening process. Failure to pass this test will result in the organization's disqualification. All finalists' credentials will be verified and confirmed for authenticity. The top "Five for STRIVE" finalists' profiles will be placed on the STRIVE Organization of the Year webpage and promoted via social media. The general public will be able to vote for their favorite finalist via the STRIVE website. All online voting will be verified and confirmed for authenticity. Online voting results will be combined with the judges' scores to determine a winner.
Official Rules

For award consideration, the STRIVE Award Nomination Form must be completed in full and a testimonial written explaining why you feel this organization deserves the STRIVE Award for Organization of the Year. Please be sure to identify the:

  • Span, scope and impact of the organization's commitment to at least three (3) health and safety initiatives implemented by the organization that embrace a kids first approach of responsible best practices and diligent policies to protect kids and promote safety;
  • Estimated number of lives organization touches through its work;
  • Impact of the organization's work on its community and members;
  • Population(s) with which the organization serves;
  • Additional award and honors received;
  • References.

Congratulations to the 2017 Five-For-STRIVE Finalists:

Disabled Athlete Sports Association
St. Peters, MO
[more info]

New Horizons Lacrosse
Austin, TX
[more info]

Pop Warner Berlin Seahawks Football and Cheer
Berlin, MD
[more info]

San Antonio Sports
San Antonio, TX
[more info

The First Tee of Cleveland
Cleveland, OH
[more info]