Smart Giving Cards

Everyday Spending Becomes Everyday Funding for Non-Profits

NCYS & Locker 81 Provide Funding Relief Program For Youth Sports Organizations While Promoting Healthy Spending Habits

The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) and Locker81 Fundraising Solutions proudly announce the release of an amazing new fundraising program called Smart Giving. The purpose of the program is to assist youth sports organizations with responsible and respectable fundraising solutions that provide for funds from the grass-tops national organizations to the grassroots local teams and leagues.

There are two products that will provide organizations with residual income thus reducing - and eventually eliminating - the need to start over with a new fundraiser every year:

  • Smart Giving Visa Debit Card (Prepaid)
  • Smart Giving Visa Payroll Card

The Smart Giving Card program is a great way for youth sports organizations to responsibly raise money while the teams, leagues, coaches, parents, volunteers, staff members, friends and family use the Visa debit card for their normal day-to-day purchases.

Everyday spending becomes every day funding when the Smart Giving Visa Debit Card is used at retail stores, and for gasoline, groceries, entertainment, sporting goods equipment, online shopping, etc. as well as for team expenditures including registrations, insurance, uniforms, equipment, and team travel.

The Smart Giving card can also be used as a valuable tool to teach youth how to responsibly use plastic currency. By loading their allowance and expenses on a card and monitoring their habits, parents and mentors can teach valuable life lessons before credit cards are used. Smart Giving is a program of Locker 81 Fundraising Solutions, a Tim Brown company committed to supporting non-profit clients by providing them the most responsible and effective fundraising concepts in the marketplace.

Some organizations may already be using a traditional fundraiser. They might also have great business arrangements already in place for team purchases. These existing programs can be enhanced and earn the organization even more money when individuals and teams purchase the products with their Smart Giving Visa Prepaid Debit Card.

Summary of Products:

1) The Smart Giving Visa Prepaid Debit Card generates funds for your organization every time it is used for the everyday purchases one needs to make. It is a simple and easy way to turn everyday spending into everyday funding for the non-profit organization. The Smart Giving card is not a credit card. The Smart Giving Debit Card offers the convenience of a credit card without the debt. "Prepaid" means that the money you put on your Smart Giving card sets the limit to what you can spend. As a result of the set limit, the user cannot get a non-sufficient fund penalty.

2) The Smart Giving Visa Payroll Card
Employers can save hundreds of thousands up to millions of dollars in processing fees, check printing cost and postage by offering this convenient payroll card to all employees. Payroll is direct deposited on each employee's card. The employee can use the card anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted as well as transfer funds to other cards or bank accounts. A percentage of each employee's monthly transaction goes back to support your organization!

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These cards are accepted anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted as well as over 16 million ATM's worldwide. All cards are issued and maintained by an FDIC insured bank. By combining grassroots promotion, scalable technology, celebrity endorsements and lucrative incentives, this program delivers a unique fundraising solution for NCYS member organizations that allow them to enhance their current activities while earning residual income for years to come. This universal Visa card can be used anywhere, anytime and at the same time promote and raise much needed dollars for the organization. For more information, please call (866) 330-8022 or please visit