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NCYS' Youth Sports Trends Study Shows Increase in Participation!

Sally S. Cunningham, CSA
Executive Director
National Council of Youth Sports

STUART, Florida. (May 22, 2002) The huge thirst for information in youth sports is on the rise. Market research companies, the media, the trade press, individual manufacturers, consultants are among those who call NCYS Headquarters on a regular basis for statistics. And now NCYS is answering their call!

The National Council of Youth Sports has completed the compilation of its second "Report on Trends in Youth Sports." The study was released summer 2001. NCYS acknowledges and thanks the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association for its support and partnership in this endeavor.

"It has been three years since we produced our first research report," said NCYS President Wanda L. Rutledge. She continued, "this new study is more comprehensive targeting specific areas of interest beyond the original study."

NCYS is the one-stop portal to the youth sports grassroots community with the largest buying market of individual and team sports products and services.

The source of information was obtained from the NCYS membership who represent more than 52 million boys and girls participating in organized youth sports programs.

The trends study is not only a crown for NCYS, but also a great service to the entire industry including the trade press, the manufacturers, service providers, researchers, and the general public.

The NCYS "Report on Trends in Youth Sports" is a baseline study providing participation numbers for organized youth sports in the following areas: total number of youth participants, coaches and volunteers, breakdown of boys and girls by gender, breakdown of boys and girls by age, indoor/outdoor facility use, technology use, and more.

NCYS has become a proven leader and primary resource for this credible, reliable information about the organized youth sports industry. A vast ninety-eight percent of the membership in 1997 responded to the first trends study. The results of this second study shows unprecedented trends in youth sports and a significant statistical story.

This investment spent today on youth sports pays multiple dividends in the future. Research based decisions add value to customer relations and consumer choices. Sponsorship opportunities are available for those companies who desire to reach deep into the youth sports market with research opportunities. NCYS is the vehicle to drive home the trends and lifestyles in youth sports!