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FBI Requests Youth Sports Community To Make a Commitment To the Safety of Children

Sally S. Cunningham, CSA
Executive Director
National Council of Youth Sports

STUART, Florida. (March 1, 2003) The statistics are staggering: 800,000 children are missing each year:

  • 450,000 children run away

  • 350,000 children are abducted by a family member

  • 4,600 children are abducted by strangers

The inkless fingerprint child I.D. kit provides parents and guardians with a clean and convenient way to record their child's fingerprints and physical characteristics on a card they can keep at home. It's clean, safe, sensible and confidential. A sample inkless fingerprint I.D. kit is is available for you to try firsthand!

Parents may order individual child I.D. kits directly from NCIDP through their website with a credit card, or by mail with a check or money order. Individual kits sell for $7.50. Groups may purchase kits in bulk for as little as $1.50! Your participation will not only put revenue in your organization's bank account but will also demonstrate your passion about the safety of all the kids in your program.

Participation is really easy! Here's how you can spread the word!

  • Simply add a check box/click thru on your organization's sign-up registration forms. It will cost you next to nothing, show your passionate responsibility to the cause, and give parents an easy method to order their Child I.D. kit!

  • Add a click thru at the end of your emails directing your readers to the Child I.D. website

  • Publicize the Child ID Program in mailings, brochures and other communications.

  • Call 214-630-2245 to find out about other opportunities on how to take action in this community service initiative to protect America's youth while generating funds for your organization!

The FBI, NCYS, and the children in your organization will appreciate your thoughtful consideration and prompt response to this very important child safety program.