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Sports Parenting Tip of the Month Becomes an Effective Resource for Youth Sports Parents and Coaches

National Council of Youth Sports
Sally S. Johnson, Executive Director

Doug Donaldson, CEO

STUART, Florida. (May 6, 2010) The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) and PlaySportsTV (PSTV) continue to serve the youth sports community by delivering the necessary tools for educating youngsters. Today they announced a new resource for the youth sports industry, the “Sports Parenting Tip of the Month” video player. This educational tool is a customized video player that an organization can add to its web page. On a monthly basis thereafter, the video player will automatically be updated with a new sports parenting/coaching tip.

The title of the first Sports Parenting Tip of the Month is "Sports Parenting: Supporting Your Athlete" and the description is "Praise, praise and more praise. Young athletes need positive reinforcement from youth sports coaches and parents. This video tells you how." The NCYS website offers a sample of the video player:

NCYS is providing this Sports Parenting Tip of the Month as a new benefit and service to its members making it simple and easy to pay it forward with sports parenting tips for the parents and families in their network. You must be a member of NCYS in order to receive the Sports Parenting Tip of the Month automatic updates. If you are not a current member and would like to join you can do so by visiting

PSTV’s nationally recognized library of online instructional videos and articles in 18 youth sports is available at a discount to the NCYS and the 60-million registered participants whom its membership serves across organized youth sports programs. Youth sports industry coaches, team managers and sports parents can get 24/7 online access to PSTV’s videos and training plans. To learn more about PlaySportsTV award-winning youth sports coaching, training and drills videos on demand, click here

Contact NCYS for instructions as to how your technical staff can add the free “Sports Parenting Tip of the Month” video player to your web page. Email: or call 772-781-1452.

The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) is the go-to organization for services and resources in youth sports. Founded in 1979, the NCYS represents the youth sports industry by advancing the values of participation and educating and developing leaders. Its membership comprises the who's who in the amateur youth sports industry representing more than 185 organizations serving 60-million registered participants. Its goal is to preserve the integrity of organized youth sports while strengthening the performance of youth sports administrators. NCYS is committed to enhancing the youth sports experience in America. To learn more about the NCYS, visit

Founded in 2006, PlaySportsTV (PSTV) is the leading on-line sports coaching resource for youth coaches, parents and athletes. Named a Great Site for Kids by the American Library Association, PSTV has produced over 2,000 instructional videos and articles in a wide range of sports. has worked with Major League Soccer, Major League Lacrosse, the United States Tennis Association, and National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball and National Pro Fastpitch players, along with great coaches at all levels. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of sound coaching and instruction, PSTV addresses such important youth sports topics as sports parenting, health and safety, and character and skill development. For more information on PlaySportsTV, please visit the company's Web site at