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National Foundation Legislation Passes the Senate

December 13, 2010

On Friday December 10th, the U.S. Senate unanimously endorsed legislation to create the National Foundation on Physical Fitness, Sports and Nutrition--a nonprofit, charitable foundation to raise private funds to support the work of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. S.1275 moved through the Senate with bipartisan support and it is expected to be taken up as H.R.4322 by the House of Representatives before the 111th Congress adjourns.

We have also been informed the Congressional Budget Office has scored the bill zero, which means that there are no costs, no taxpayer dollars, associated with the Foundation if created. This is a major victory and helps set the stage for passage. This new public-private partnership will allow the President’s Council to leverage private contributions to expand its focus on exercise and wellness, especially among young people.

This is another huge victory and it reflects the calls and emails that you all made to key offices.

The National Foundation on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition Establishment Act (S. 1275) will create a private foundation to partner with President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition to solicit, receive, and administer private contributions on the Council’s behalf. According to the President’s Council, physically inactive people are twice as likely as regularly active people to develop heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States, as well as diabetes and other preventable diseases.

Establishment of this Foundation will:
* help the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports raise additional funds from private sources,
* increase both the reach and impact of the Council,
* help to promote and improve physical fitness and programs across the country,
* improve wellness in this country.

Again, this change will not cost taxpayers a dime. It simply allows the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports to expand its scope and activities. Specifically, it will establish the nonprofit National Physical Fitness and Sports Foundation to promote and improve physical fitness and sports programs in conjunction with the President's Council of Physical Fitness and Sports; allow the Foundation to solicit, receive and administer private contributions for the Council; and establish a bipartisan board of directors to oversee the Foundation.

The President’s Council, founded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956 as the President’s Council on Youth Fitness, has been a leader in encouraging Americans to become more physically active. President Obama changed the name and expanded the mission of the Council to include “nutrition” by Executive Order in June 2010.

While we are far from a done deal, and there are major potential speed bumps along the way, if all goes well, we will see the legislation enacted during this lame duck. Thanks to the National Council of Youth Sports membership for your role in helping to move this important legislation forward!

Yours truly for the kids,
Sally S. Johnson, CSA
Executive Director
National Council of Youth Sports
7185 SE Seagate Lane; Stuart, FL 34997
772-781-1452 office
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