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AthleticTrainer4Hire Website Service Locates Qualified Athletic Trainers to Provide Medical Coverage at Youth Sporting Events and Camps

December 7, 2010

Keith Abrams

AthleticTrainer4Hire is dedicated to sporting event coordinators looking for qualified and certified athletic trainers to provide medical coverage at their sporting events.

TAMPA, Florida (December 2010) - Striding 4 More, LLC is proud to announce the nationwide expansion of Athletictrainer4hire. This remarkable website service caters to Certified Athletic Trainers and to Event Coordinators of sports related events and camps. Locating qualified athletic trainers to provide medical coverage at sporting events is very important to the safety and well being of today’s youth and event coordinators are having to search too hard to find licensed, certified and qualified athletic trainers.

Athletictrainer4hire wants to make locating qualified athletic trainer easy for event coordinators. In today’s sporting world, we hear of unfortunate accidents and emergencies all the time. Certified athletic trainers are qualified professionals who are trained to handle all sports related injuries and emergencies no matter the sport, competition level or age of the athlete. The athletic trainers on are all nationally certified by the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification (NATABOC) and hold CPR & AED training certifications.

Athletic trainers and event coordinators are very valuable to the youth sporting events and camps of today. It’s, without a doubt, an important relationship that must be developed for the safety of today’s youth sporting leagues and associations. Athletictrainer4hire wants to prove a better and safer environment for today’s youths participating in sporting events and camps. For more information on how to become a member of this nationwide network of certified athletic trainers, contact Keith Abrams or visit us at:

Athletictrainer4hire was developed by Certified Athletic Trainer Keith Abrams. Keith has been an athletic trainer for 15 years and holds national certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certifications. His resume includes working at such levels as high school, college and at the professional level in Major League Baseball and the National Football League.