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The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) Joins Forces with Chartis to Help Reduce Concussions for Young Athletes
January 24, 2012

The National Council of Youth Sports announced that it is collaborating with Chartis to raise awareness of the risks of concussions and other head injuries in youth sports through aHead of the Game®.

aHead of the Game® is designed to help coaches, parents and young athletes learn signs and symptoms of concussions, seek proper treatment and follow appropriate return to play protocols to avoid the significant dangers of multiple concussions. NCYS is helping Chartis spread the word by providing "aHead of the Game" materials on its website, providing content for the Chartis aHead of the Game micro site, and distributing educational materials to its members.

NCYS is known for its advocacy in promoting healthy lifestyles and safe environments for children that advance stronger neighborhoods and communities. NCYS represents more than 200 organizations/corporations serving 60 million registered participants.

"Education is our best defense in the prevention of concussions," said Sally Johnson, Executive Director of the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS). "The aHead of the Game initiative that Chartis has created provides a wide variety of responsible and reliable educational materials for the youth sports industry to put into action. We are proud to work jointly with Chartis and thank them for taking a lead on this important safety issue."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 135,000 children between the ages of 5 and 18 are treated in emergency departments each year for sports- or recreation-related concussions and other head injuries. 1 Emergency room visits for concussions in kids ages 8-13 doubled from 1997 to 2007 and concussions have skyrocketed 200 percent among kids age 14 to 19 over the same span, according to a recent study by The American Academy of Pediatrics. 2

"Chartis and the NCYS are a powerhouse team, reaching out across the nation to do all that we can to keep young athletes safe and healthy in whatever sport they choose," said Susan Clarke, President of Chartis’ Accident & Health, U.S. "We are strong advocates of the many benefits that our kids derive from participation in youth sports. That’s why we are committed to help reduce risks for young athletes."

"For so many years, young athletes were often advised to ‘tough it out’ when they ‘got their bell rung’ in practice or competition," said Dr. William Spangler, a Chartis spokesperson for aHead of the Game. "Thanks in large part to the NFL and other professional sport leagues, awareness of the potential dangers of concussions, especially multiple concussions, has trickled down to college and high school levels. Together with the NCYS, we can help deliver this message of safety and awareness to our youngest and most precious athletes - our children."

As part of its aHead of the Game® program, Chartis has created educational materials for coaches/athletic directors, parents, teachers and athletes. Locker room posters for baseball, football, hockey and other sports are also available for youth sports teams. A quarterly newsletter and trend report are being distributed to insurance brokers serving the amateur sports market, youth sports organizations and other organizations engaged in concussion awareness/education initiatives.

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2 "Emergency Department Visits for Concussion in Young Child Athletes," Pediatrics, August 30, 2010

The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) is well-known for advocacy in promoting healthy lifestyles and safe environments for stronger neighborhoods and communities. Founded in 1979, the NCYS members comprise the who's who in the youth sports industry. Its membership represents more than 200 organizations/corporations serving more than 60,000,000 boys and girls registered in organized youth sports programs. NCYS is a united voice for amateur youth sports leading the industry in promoting and enhancing the value of participation through advocacy and education. The NCYS is the largest known organization in America reaching broad and deep into the grassroots of America's heartland with a passion to create a better, more wholesome society. To learn more about the NCYS, visit

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Sally S. Johnson, CSA, IOM
Executive Director
National Council of Youth Sports

Dan McGinnity
Chief Marketing Officer for Accident & Health