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The NCYS Child Safety Packet, 2nd Edition Unveils the Gold Standard of Best Practices Beyond Background Screening. Tools, Templates, and Resources Assist With Managing Risk
April 24, 2012

The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) today announced the release of its NCYS Child Safety Packet, 2nd edition. The new publication was developed as a valuable resource and essential tool for those who participate in the amateur youth sports/youth serving industry.

"Through this gold standard of best practices national template, we seek to establish the minimum industry standard that a youth-serving organization should incorporate when establishing its own policy to protect the interests of youth participants within the organization, said NCYS President Dr. Wanda L. Rutledge.

The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) is long known for tackling the big issues in youth sports. NCYS is an untiring advocate for youth issues, for the protection of children, and for eradicating criminal behavior in youth-serving organizations, as well as society as a whole, in order to make a positive difference for children of all backgrounds, genders, and economic circumstances.

Contents of the NCYS Child Safety Packet include:

  • NCYS Recommended Guidelines©
  • NCYS Codes of Conduct Template©
  • NCYS-NCSI Member Benefit Discount
  • NCSI Introductory Presentation
  • NCSI Prevention & Response Training
  • D2L Additional Resources for Youth Serving Orgs

The "NCYS Recommended Guidelines, 2nd edition, The Gold Standard of Best Practices for Background Screening and Managing Risk In Nonprofit Youth-Serving Organizations©" were created to assist those who are responsible for the children in youth programs to no longer have to reinvent the wheel of minimum standards for policies, procedures, and best practices. The "NCYS Recommended Guidelines" have become the national template for promoting safety while protecting children and athletes.

In order to assist all organizations to better serve the interests of those who participate in athletic activities, we established the NCYS Codes of Conduct Template©. The template offers general principles to guide the conduct, and the judicious appraisal of conduct, of all the organization’s participants (including employees and agents) in situations that have ethical implications. The NCYS Codes of Conduct Template© is provided as a guide to affirm the will of all of participants to safeguard the best interests of the sport by acting ethically at all times.

"The NCYS encourages all those in the amateur youth sports/youth serving industry(s) to review their organization’s best practices, policies and procedures on a regular basis. The NCYS Child Safety Packet, 2nd edition provides effective templates, essential tools, beneficial resources, and valuable recommendations for the organization to integrate into their own program," said Sally Johnson, Executive Director of the National Council of Youth Sports.

At the request of its membership, the NCYS co-founded the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) in 2004. NCSI is more than just a background screening company. Through NCSI’s exclusive NCSI 360™ approach, one can find help and expertise on every aspect of the risk management process. NCSI helps organizations meet and exceed due diligence by navigating them through the complex maze of ethical, legal and financial challenges. NCSI is the only company licensed to implement the "NCYS Recommended Guidelines©"

"In today’s legal compliance environment and litigious climate, having appropriate documented policies and practices in place is an essential part of managing risk and creating a zero tolerance/opportunity culture in your organization, said Trish McGonnell, President of the National Center for Safety Initiatives." "NCSI appreciates the NCYS for its tenacious due diligence in assisting youth serving organizations with responsible actions to protect its staff, volunteers, organization and most importantly the children."

For more information and to purchase the NCYS Child Safety Packet, please visit the NCYS website,

The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) is well known for advocacy in promoting healthy lifestyles and safe environments for stronger neighborhoods and communities. Founded in 1979, the NCYS members comprise the who's who in the youth sports industry. Its membership represents more than 200 organizations/corporations serving more than 60,000,000 boys and girls registered in organized youth sports programs. NCYS is a united voice for amateur youth sports leading the industry in promoting and enhancing the value of participation through advocacy and education. The NCYS is the largest known organization in America reaching broad and deep into the grassroots of America's heartland with a passion to create a better, more wholesome society. To learn more about the NCYS, visit

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Sally S. Johnson, CSA, IOM
Executive Director
National Council of Youth Sports