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Stuart, Florida. (March 10, 2015) -- The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) has teamed up with the developers of RC21X, a brain health game and performance measuring system for the health and safety of children, parents, and families. RC21X enables families to give their children a brain checkup at home by playing a series of games that takes about 12 minutes to complete. NCYS members are eligible for a free trial of RC21X, a game and performance measurement system named in honor of baseball legend and humanitarian Roberto Clemente.

€œRC21X provides a snapshot of how a person€™s brain is performing,€ says Clarence Carlos, company CEO and Co-Founder. €œThis is a personal, web-based tool that monitors a broad set of key components of your brain. It€™s easy to use, does not require an expert, can be self-administered or supervised by an adult. With it, you can take personal responsibility for your brain health or the brain health of your children. It€™s your thermometer for the brain.€

RC21X was named in honor of baseball legend and humanitarian Roberto Clemente (his uniform number was 21). "My dad was a person who gave it his all out on the field, but it was off the field where he most impacted the world," says Roberto Clemente Jr. €œMy father would have been proud to have his name attached to such an effort to promote brain health.€

The system is based on more than 50 years of scientific research in the fields of human performance measurement, neurology, psychology, kinesiology, bio-engineering and General Systems Performance Theory (GSPT). RC21X features objective measures and data-based records that create a €œunique€ Brain Performance Profile report for every game session. It allows parents to continually compare real-time results to what is normal for their child--and only their child. It features 15 game-like activities to make the checkup challenging and fun. All that is needed is a computer and an internet connection.

€œWe€™re excited about the RC21X partnership because it ties directly into our philosophy of the importance of good nutrition, physical activity/exercise, reducing stress, and age-based language learning,€ says Sally S. Johnson, Executive Director National Council of Youth Sports. €œThis is a useful resource and responsible tool for an organization that is interested in advocating for children, and for getting the kids back safer and sooner after a diagnosed injury.€

RC21X empowers parents, coaches and health professionals to make better, fact-based decisions regarding brain health at all stages of life. It€™s a helpful tool to manage lifestyle changes, such as rehabilitation and recovery from injury and illness. NCYS members and families are invited to play RC21X for free by visiting Members will have up to 30 days to experience the 12-minute Brain Health Checkup Tool.

About The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS)
The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) leads the amateur youth sports industry as the largest known youth-serving organization in America. The NCYS is well-regarded for its advocacy in promoting healthy lifestyles and safe environments for stronger neighborhood and communities. Founded in 1979, the NCYS members comprise the Who€™s Who in youth sports. The NCYS membership represents more than 200 organizations/corporations serving 60-million boys and girls registered in organized amateur youth sports programs. NCYS is the portal and a united voice for amateur youth sports, leading the industry in promoting and enhancing the value of participation through advocacy and education. NCYS€™ reason to exist is to enhance the youth sports experience in America with a passion to create a better, more wholesome society for today and for generations to come! Additional information about NCYS can be found at | LinkedIn: | Facebook: | Twitter:@youthsportsNCYS

About RC21X
RC21X, a new patent-pending, innovative, web-based brain assessment tool backed by decades of advanced scientific research and development. The goal of RC21X is to make it easier for people to take personal responsibility for their brain health. RC21X allows users to routinely and quickly measure and monitor--in minutes--how well key subsystems of their brain are performing, both immediately and over the long term. RC21X, the Thermometer for the BrainSM, features an engaging, simple, game-like platform that empowers people to proactively manage their brain health. RC21X was named in honor of baseball legend and humanitarian Roberto Clemente. Its team is made up of recognized researchers, respected medical practitioners, experienced game and software designers, community organizers and successful business and organizational administrators--all of whom are passionate advocates for brain health. Additional information about RC21X can be found at

Sally S. Johnson, CSA, IOM
Executive Director
National Council of Youth Sports

Clarence W. Carlos II
855-MY-RC21X (855-697-2219)


€œAnytime you have the opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don't, then you are wasting your time on Earth€ -- Roberto Clemente