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NCYS Forms Partnership With SPORT iD's Free Player Safety App

SPORT iD is a revolutionary mobile app designed to make youth sports safer

STUART, FL (June 15, 2016). The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS), the leader in safety, participation, advocacy and education for youth sports, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with SPORT iD, the free player safety app. The partnership will provide the over 60-million registered participants the NCYS membership serves the opportunity to benefit from the revolutionary player safety mobile app developed by SPORT iD.

The SPORT iD app allows youth sports organizations to access vital player information in seconds in the event of an emergency. SPORT iD, which is free to players, parents and sports organizations, also provides a universal check-in process for players and parents that includes player verification, emergency contact information and medical history such as allergies, previous injuries and existing conditions. Parents can upload birth certificates and player passes in addition to signing required waivers through the app for immediate delivery to any desired organization, league or coach.

League officials, trainers and coaches can access this information quickly and easily from their mobile device. This paperless system improves response time during emergencies. It also allows organizations to better manage field operations and helps with necessary insurance reporting and post-event bookkeeping.

NCYS Executive Director Sally S. Johnson comments, "The NCYS is proud to be a strategic partner with SPORT iD. We encourage all youth sports stakeholders--including parents, coaches, trainers, organizers--to use this free mobile app as an innovative communication tool making sports safer for all youth sports participants." Johnson continued, "SPORT iD also integrates nicely with existing management systems adding an extra layer of on-demand health & safety data for event participants."

"This is a tremendous opportunity to make youth sports safer while helping youth sports organizations, recreational leagues, coaches and parents better communicate with one another in the interest of the childrens' safety," said Tony Lowe, SPORT iD Co-Founder and owner of the Snipers Lacrosse youth all-star program. "From my years of experience, most sports organizations are not-for-profit or run on tight budgets by volunteers. Our free app is designed to help these organizations be proactive with player safety. As a youth lacrosse coach, I have seen the need for this in the industry. The information that is dire in an emergency situation is rarely accessible on site and we hope that SPORT iD can help fill this void."

About National Council of Youth Sports
Founded in 1979, the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) comprises the who's who in the youth sports industry. The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) membership represents more than 200 organizations/corporations serving 60,000,000 registered participants in organized youth sports programs. NCYS is the largest known organization in America representing the youth sports industry and is well-known for its advocacy in promoting healthy lifestyles and safe environments for stronger neighborhoods and communities. For additional information please visit

About SPORT iD
SPORT iD was developed as a FREE Player Safety app to provide a universal check-in process that includes player verification, emergency contact information and medical information- allergies, previous injuries and existing conditions- to youth sports organizers allowing them to access the information in seconds in the event of an emergency. SPORT iD is serious about player safety and as a result we want everyone to arm their coaches, trainers, organizers, and other parents with the most cumulative and up-to-date information as possible. Our app is free for parents and for sports organizations. To learn more or schedule a demonstration please visit

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Sally S. Johnson,
Executive Director
National Council of Youth Sports
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