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Facebook Live Event: Back to School -- What Parents Need to Know about Concussion Safety
Parents, have you wanted to ask CDC's top subject matter experts questions about key health and safety topics that affect your children as they return to school? Well, now you can! This fall, CDC is hosting several Facebook Live events on various topics, such as:
> Concussion safety
> Teen dating violence
> Bullying
> Parent engagement and healthy schools, and
> Health risk behaviors and academic achievement

The Concussion Safety Back to School Facebook Live event will take place on Tuesday, August 29th at 1pm (EST). This event, which was rescheduled from its original date due to video delays, will focus on how to protect your kids from concussion so they can stay active and healthy. We will also provide important tips to help you spot a concussion, and how to help kids safely return to school and play after a concussion.

Simply visit CDC's Facebook page, and post your questions in the comment section of the Back to School Facebook Live discussion thread. CDC's experts look forward to answering your questions about your children's safe and healthy return to school.

Please note: CDC cannot provide individual or specific medical advice. It is important to talk with your doctor or nurse about any concerns you may have.

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Questions about concussion safety in school and sports? Join our Facebook discussion on 8/29 from 1-2pm EST.

Do you have questions about concussion safety in school and sports? CDC's experts will be online to answer your questions about concussion safety. Just post your questions in the comments section of CDC's Facebook page on Tuesday, August 29th at 1pm (EST). A CDC expert will go LIVE to answer!

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