Women's Sports

Go Out and Play: Youth Sports in America

The Women's Sports Foundation recently released a new research report,
Go Out and Play: Youth Sports in America. This report provides an in-depth look at children's participation in sports and physical activity. Dr. Don Sabo led the research in conjunction with Harris Interactive, surveying 2,185 third- through 12th-graders and 863 parents. Those surveyed came from a wide range of backgrounds and economic levels; thus allowing this to be the first report to look at specific subpopulations, such as children from immigrant families and children with disabilities. In addition to looking at the role sports play in children's health, the study examined the impact children's involvement in sports has on the family. Overall, sports were found to have a positive impact on children's health. In addition, families with children who participated in sport and exercise reported being happier and more content.

In a comparison of urban, suburban and rural communities, the report shows that the largest discrepancy in opportunities between boys and girls exists in urban communities. This fact was noted by many parents surveyed; in particular, African-American and Hispanic parents feel their daughters do not have equal access to sports compared to boys. However, an encouraging finding from the study indicates that girls in suburban communities have equitable opportunities when compared to suburban boys.

Download the the executive summary and the full report

We encourage you to include the information from this report on your organization's Web site and/or in your online and offline publications. All parents, school administrators and organizations pertaining to sports, youth and women will benefit from reading this report.

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