Win More Than the Game!

Athletes for a Better World (ABW) uses sports to develop character, teamwork, and citizenship through commitment to an athletic Code for Living. The vast majority of parents and coaches deeply desire rich and rewarding life experiences for their children and youth when they endeavor to participate in sports.

They want kids to experience both winning and losing, the satisfaction of sacrifice and hard work necessary to achieve a goal, grace when things don't go your way, and the sense of belonging that comes when you are part of a team. But we have all heard of the stories of parents, athletes and coaches who have fallen short. Bad behavior on the field, shortcuts to increased strength and lapses in morality are all too common fodder for the nightly news.

Winning More Than The Game provides a playbook through the Code for Living, a series of eight tenets that guides athletes in maintaining a high standard of character and behavior in all aspects of their lives. The Code for Living challenges each person to take responsibility as an individual, as a member of a team, and as a member of society. The audience for the book is as broad and deep as the influence of sports is in the world today.

ABW is the nonprofit responsible for annually awarding the prestigious Coach Wooden Citizenship Cup to exemplary athletes whose lives reflect the Code for Living.

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