Market Research

NCYS Study:
        "Report on Trends and Participation in Organized Youth Sports"

This study reveals a ten year comparison providing important data and trends in the marketplace. The NCYS Report on Trends and Participation in Organized Youth Sports, 2008 edition serves as a useful tool for effective future planning and forecasting. PublicationsThe results of this trends study will offer worthwhile benefits and services to our members and to all those interested in trends and participation in organized amateur youth sports.
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Getting and Keeping Kids in the Game:
       A Summary of Key Recommendations by
       Medical and Health Groups

Dr. John O. Spengler authored this research brief on behalf of the Aspen Institute's Project Play. The intent of this report is to demonstrate areas of consensus within the medical and health communities on how to get and keep youth active in sport. This brief summarizes key recommendations relevant to youth sport espoused by leading medical and health experts and organizations, and demonstrates areas of consensus on youth sport within the medical and health communities.
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The Benefits of Youth Sports

The benefits of youth sports promote healthy lifestyles and safe environments for stronger neighborhoods and more wholesome communities. A primary goal in youth sports is to encourage active participation by all youth in fun and healthy physical activities according to their age, interests and abilities.
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Women's Sports

The Evolution of Women's Sports

Not surprisingly, most of the money and attention spent on sports and athletes is directed at men, both at the professional and amateur levels. Professional women's leagues are relatively young and few women athletes are paid to utilize their skills on a softball diamond or a basketball court. According to a number of studies, however, women are catching up with men in a variety of ways. The infographic below, created by Ohio University's Online Masters in Athletic Administration program, takes a closer look.
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Progress Without Equity:
       Women's Sports Foundation Research Report

The Women's Sports Foundation is pleased to release a first-of-its-kind report on gender and high school sports participation. This report, Progress Without Equity: The Provision of High School Athletic Opportunity in the United States, by Gender 1993-94 through 2005-06, flows from an analysis of high schools that is unprecedented in its national and historical scope. It uses merged data from the Civil Rights Data Collection and the Common Core of Data, which is collected by the National Center for Education Statistics. The report examines gender differences in athletic opportunity in a nationally representative sample of 24,370 public four-year high schools across 1993-94, 1999-2000 and 2005-06.
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WSF Report:
       "Go Out and Play: Youth Sports in America"

The Women's Sports Foundation research report, Go Out and Play: Youth Sports in America provides an in-depth look at children's participation in sports and physical activity. Dr. Don Sabo led the research in conjunction with Harris Interactive, surveying 2,185 third- through 12th-graders and 863 parents from a wide range of backgrounds and economic levels; looking at the role sports play in children's health.
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Other Publications

SportsEvents Magazine

Your Resource Publication for Amateur Sporting Events and Competitions
The mission of SportsEvents Magazine is to help planners of amateur sporting events and competitions be more effective, informed and successful with their events. The editorial content includes "how-to" articles written by recognized authorities, news and information relevant to sports event planning, spotlights on destinations and sports complexes, interviews and profiles, and other items of interest to the industry.
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Sports Facilities and the Law

This is the one-stop publication for news, case summaries, articles, and strategies to understand legal concerns and help create strategies to successfully deal with the challenges facing arenas, stadiums, recreation, and fitness facilities, whether at the professional, collegiate, high school, and amateur levels. SFL's goal is not just to inform, but to help share solutions.
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Athletes for a Better World (ABW)

Athletes for a Better World (ABW) uses sports to develop character, teamwork, and citizenship through commitment to an athletic Code for Living. Winning More Than The Game provides a playbook through the Code for Living, a series of eight tenets that guides athletes in maintaining a high standard of character and behavior in all aspects of their lives.
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Win or Lose: A Guide to Sports Parenting

This is the resource youth sports organizations have been waiting for! Quick, easy-read. Inspirational. Good ethics messages. Wonderful tips for sports parents. Written to enrich your journey as a sports parent. Great banquet gift. Use as a fundraiser.
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Skills for Life

Mike Jarvis and Jonathan Peck have learned, though their life-long involvement in the worlds of sport and business, what it takes to succeed in life. Skills for Life is an outgrowth of a program created by Mike and Jon to help student-athletes achieve their goals in the "real world."
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