WIN OR LOSE - A Guide to Sports Parenting

This is the resource youth sports organizations have been waiting for! Quick, easy-read. Inspirational. Good ethics messages. Wonderful tips for sports parents. Written to enrich your journey as a sports parent. Great banquet gift. Use as a fundraiser.

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This is a little booklet to help you stay out of your children's athletic way. The author, Dan Saferstein, Ph.D., wrote it with two assumptions: a) parents love their children; b) parents don't always love their children in ways that are helpful to them. We sometimes make mistakes in the stands or in the car ride home, just as our children make mistakes on the field. These mistakes are a part of the learning process for everyone, including psychologists. Young athletes run into problems when they think they can get by with a half-hearted effort, and so do parents.

What does a whole-hearted effort mean as a sports parent? Mr. Safertein doesn't think it necessarily means spending more money on private instruction or cheering louder from the sidelines, but it could mean paying more attention to how your behavior is affecting your child's athletic experience and less attention to the wins and losses.

When you think about it, the most important scoreboard in youth sports is never the one on the field; it is the one in your child's eyes as you are driving home from the game."

WIN OR LOSE is now in its fourth printing and has received support from organizations such as USA Hockey, USA Gymnastics, YMCA, Positive Coaching Alliance, CYO (Catholic Youth Organization), U.S. Youth Soccer, and numerous state soccer and high school athletic associations, leagues, and clubs around the country.

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