Ask the Experts Series

As the demands of today's athletes increase, the needs for specialized training for injury prevention as well as performance improvement also increases.

The Ask the Experts Series provides tips and expertise from skilled occupational and physical therapists as well as athletic trainers to the coaches, athletes, and parents on:

  • strength and conditioning,
  • flexibility and agility improvement,
  • injury prevention,
  • illness and injury rehabilitation,
  • sports wellness,
  • helping athletes improve their performance,
  • increasing physical ability,
  • staying healthy.


The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) offers these resources to further educate its members and their colleagues in the youth sports industry.

The goal is to increase the awareness of injury prevention and sports performance resulting in a safer, healthier and more knowledgeable environment for athletes and organizations.

Ask the Experts Series

Sports and Health Report [PDF]
Proper Fitness Assessments for Young Athletes [PDF]
Gear Up, Get In Shape [PDF]
Most Common Sports Injuries - Issue 2 [PDF]
Stay Healthy and Prevent Injury - Issue 1 [PDF]