The National Sports Concussion Coalition

It's Better to Miss One Game Than the Whole Season

The National Sports Concussion Coalition is comprised of health professionals and leading organizations across youth, college and pro sports. Individually and collectively, we are working to enhance the sports experience for kids in the United States by advancing the approaches to identify and manage concussions in sports.

When they play sports kids learn lessons that will last a lifetime and they receive the immeasurable health benefits of an active lifestyle. As sports organizations and health professionals, we have joined together to make sure the fear of concussions doesn't deter kids from deriving those benefits. So we created an unprecedented alliance to identify and share the very best approaches to preventing and managing concussions? in youth sports. Every kid deserves the opportunity to play sports they love in the safest environment possible. Our mission is to make that happen. Click here to learn more about NSCC:

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Alec Baldwin Helps Pop Warner's Player Safety Efforts in Concussion Education Campaign

Actor joins former high school teammate and neurosurgeon he played in movie "Concussion" to promote player safety in youth football

Thank you to NCYS member Pop Warner Little Scholars (PWLS) for its leadership in improving concussion awareness and player safety in youth football. This PSA with Alec Baldwin and Dr. Julian Bailes is part of the Pop Warner's "Play Safer" campaign. The video is being distributed as a PSA to TV stations in more than 40 markets and shared through social media. For more information visit

Sports Concussion Institute

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The National Summit on Sports Concussion is held annually in late May/early June. For the agenda, registration form, and to book your hotel room visit the website or call 310-643-9595.

An example of National Summit Presentation Topics:

  • Concussion Outcomes in Youth: Advances in What we Currently Know
  • CDC's Heads Up Program: New Directions in Recognition and Response
  • Advances in Concussion Diagnostics: Emerging Technologies and Methods
  • Limiting Collisions in High Velocity Sports: An Update on Hit Counts and Monitoring of Subconcussive Blows
  • Differences in Linear and Angular Acceleration in Collision Sports: Current State of Protective Headgear and Concussion Outcomes
  • Baseline Testing in Sports: Is it Really Necessary?
  • Persistent effects of Concussion: How Concussive Injury During the Teen Years Impacts Cognitive and Motor Performance in Their 20's
  • Evaluation and Management of Concussed Youth in Pediatric Settings
  • Teleconcussion in the Evaluation and Management of Sport-Induced Concussion
  • Evaluating, Monitoring and Management of Academic Performance in Concussed Youth
  • Clinical Management of Post-Concussion Syndrome in Athletes
  • Assessing Accountability for Adherence to Sideline Evaluations and Return-to-Competition Protocols

Toronto researchers find CTE in brain of patient with no concussion history:


"This collection of organizations is interested in the safety and wellbeing of our young people," said Sally Johnson, NCYS executive director. "Through the NCYS members who serve more than 60 million registered participants, we will lead the way by sharing best practices among our organizations and providing parents, coaches, trainers, officials and athletes with the latest evidence-based facts and information about concussions, general health, and player safety."

See what our members are saying about concussions and why they value the alliance: