Privit Profile

Revolutionizing How Athletics Manage the Health & Safety of Its Participants

The success of your athletic program rests on many factors, but none as important as the health and safety of your athletes. Safety in youth sports is imperative and the topic has been dominating conversations and litigations across the United States and Canada. More and more sport organizations are turning to technology to assist in risk mitigation.

Privit Profile is the #1 solution for helping sport organizations solve the universal problem of collecting and managing health related information from athletes and training/certification information from your staff. Often this information is manually collected using paper. Privit Profile provides a communication platform to securely distribute, collect, and manage this information.

Manual Process and Paper Health Forms

  • Difficult to Manage and Rarely 100% Complete
  • Handwritten Health Forms are Required by Parents Year Over Year
  • Paper Health Forms are Easily Misplaced and are Not Secure
  • Version Control is Difficult to Manage
  • Difficult to Validate Trainings and Certifications of Staff, Volunteers, and Parents

Privit Profile® Process

  • Quickly Identify Completed Health Forms and Notify Players with Incomplete Health Forms
  • Parents Enter Information Once and Update New or Changed Information
  • Information is Easily Accessible from One Secure Online Location
  • Confidence in Knowing Forms are Always Current and Can be Easily Updated
  • Incorporate Training Materials, Manage Certification Dates, and Confirm Compliance with Electronic Signatures

From school sports to sport organizations, youth athletes are able to create one Privit Profile account and transfer their information from one organization to another organization. Privit Profile solves the following challenges:

  • Improves athlete safety and mitigate risks
  • Configurable and dynamic health forms by age, tiers, etc.
  • Facilitates safety education
  • Improves communications across the organization
  • Streamlines the collection of information needed for tournaments
  • Accessible from mobile devices

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Privit Profile is dedicated to provide easy to use online tools that are accessible from any device for managing personal health profiles. The PRIVIT platform ensures confidentiality in the collection and distribution of personal health information. Our reach is global and our solutions are transforming how people like you and organizations are managing and sharing personal health information. Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information about PRIVIT and its brands.