Sports Concussion Institute

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The National Summit on Sports Concussion is held annually in late May/early June. For the agenda, registration form, and to book your hotel room visit the website or call 310-643-9595.

An example of National Summit Presentation Topics:

  • Concussion Outcomes in Youth: Advances in What we Currently Know
  • CDC's Heads Up Program: New Directions in Recognition and Response
  • Advances in Concussion Diagnostics: Emerging Technologies and Methods
  • Limiting Collisions in High Velocity Sports: An Update on Hit Counts and Monitoring of Subconcussive Blows
  • Differences in Linear and Angular Acceleration in Collision Sports: Current State of Protective Headgear and Concussion Outcomes
  • Baseline Testing in Sports: Is it Really Necessary?
  • Persistent effects of Concussion: How Concussive Injury During the Teen Years Impacts Cognitive and Motor Performance in Their 20's
  • Evaluation and Management of Concussed Youth in Pediatric Settings
  • Teleconcussion in the Evaluation and Management of Sport-Induced Concussion
  • Evaluating, Monitoring and Management of Academic Performance in Concussed Youth
  • Clinical Management of Post-Concussion Syndrome in Athletes
  • Assessing Accountability for Adherence to Sideline Evaluations and Return-to-Competition Protocols

Toronto researchers find CTE in brain of patient with no concussion history:


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