The ATLX Channel

The only 24/7 sports entertainment television network fully dedicated to everyday athletes and athletic lifestyle

ATLX ( is a new 24/7 television network focused on training, performance and athletic competition. It highlights all those out there aspiring to live a more fit and athletic lifestyle. ATLX serves everyone from beginners to recreational enthusiasts to weekend warriors to elite athletes and everyone in between.

ATLX will launch its television network in 2014 with an extensive slate of original entertainment and informational programming, including reality, news/talk, biography, documentary, competition formats, lifestyle, technology, sports medicine and performance cooking. The network will feature compelling storylines of personal and team transformation, the challenges overcome by everyday athletes doing extraordinary things, their dramatic athletic pursuits, and their inspirational triumphs.

ATLX is re-defining what it means to be an athlete, working across all sports and recreational activities to deliver original content for those at all levels of athletic ability. With behind-the-scenes access to elite athletes and top coaches, as well as the best sports doctors and experts, ATLX will spotlight sport-specific training, strength and conditioning, the latest in the world of sports medicine, injury prevention, the science of performance, coaching motivation and methods at all levels, performance cooking and nutrition, the coolest gear, feature events and competition formats.


ATLX showcases the world of athletics, sports and physical culture. ATLX has inspiring, compelling and informative stories behind athletes at the highest levels; recreational athletes working on their game; and beginners who want to get in the game.

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