Player Safety

FIRSTFORM, Inc. was founded on the beliefs that there must be a safer alternative to crumb rubber fields. FirstForm has created a replicated grass system - PrimePlay™ - that addresses all of the problems of conventional artificial turf fields:

  • No Infill Fly-Out or Movement
  • No Crumb Rubber Infill from Industry Leading Gmax Scores of 75G's
  • Field Temperatures up to 35° Cooler
  • Less Turf Abrasions
  • True Ball Bounce, Ball Roll, and Ball Play


FIRSTFORM, Inc. cares about the safety of our children and the environment. That is why we have developed our synthetic turf system to have an industry-leading safety profile. And by using only eco-safe turf materials we make the end-of-life recycling of our products easy and keep your organization away from the current debate around cancer causing infill materials from old car and truck tires.


FIRSTFORM, Inc. carries an 8 year warranty on all products. We are not just a turf company but a single source sports facility design-build firm. We think that building or upgrading a sports venue should be an exciting process, that's easy on you! That's why we offer turnkey design, engineering, construction, and management services. We'll take care of everything from the first call through the ribbon-cutting ceremony to bring your vision for the project to reality.


To learn more or to receive complimentary consultation on your project including layouts, budgeting and timelines, please contact us at: or by phone 978.914.7570.
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