SPORT iD Mobile App

Player Safety

Two words have been very prevalent in sports recently "Player Safety". SPORT iD is a mobile application to make sports safer for all youth sports participants.

Our application provides:

  • Player verification.
  • Emergency contact information.
  • Medical information including allergies, previous injuries and existing conditions.
  • Ability for youth sports organizers to access information in seconds in the event of an emergency.

For Parents:

SPORT iD is a means to check their child into a practice, clinic, game or tournament and in doing so, unlock his or her health & safety profile to the event host.

  • Coaches can have a child's most up-to-date health & safety information.
  • No more writing down the same information over and over again to register & sign waivers.
  • Update and send a coach information straight from their phone.

For Coaches & Trainers:

SPORT iD puts every player's medical history, allergies, pre-existing conditions and emergency contact information in the palm of their hand.

Too often this information is on file off-site and not on the field or court. SPORT iD allows Coaches and Trainers to access vital information in an emergency in seconds.

For League Officials:

SPORT iD integrates with existing management systems, adding an extra layer of on-demand health & safety data for event participants.

  • Access to every player's completed waiver.
  • Participation reports for insurance reporting.
  • Manage field operations from mobile devices.
  • Improved response time during emergencies.
  • Paperless system.
  • Free for application access.
  • Call to Action

    SPORT iD was developed as a FREE PLAYERS SAFETY app to provide a universal check-in process that includes player verification, emergency contact information and medical information- allergies, previous injuries and existing conditions- to youth sports organizers allowing them to access the information in seconds in the event of an emergency.

    We are serious about player safety and as a result we want everyone to arm their coaches, trainers, organizers, and other parents with the most cumulative and up-to-date information as possible. Our app is free for parents and for sports organizations.

    To learn more or schedule a demonstration please visit