PlaySportsTV and NCYS are now exclusively providing the Sports Parenting & Coaching Tip of the Month. NCYS members are encouraged to embed this monthly video on their respective websites as an educational tool. Once embedded, the video will automatically update with a new video tip each month. Contact NCYS for the embed code.


Tips to Become a Great Parent - Coach!

The National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) is pleased to offer Sports Parenting and Coaching Tips as a practical service and valuable benefit to the amateur youth sports industry.

NCYS thanks PlaySportsTV for its dedication to producing Sports Parenting and Coaching Tips as well as a nationally recognized library of high quality life skills and sports skills instructional materials that are easy to use, easy to understand, easy to implement, and at the same time are concise yet comprehensive. PlaySportsTV shares the NCYS commitment to making the youth sports experience a fun, healthy, safe, positive and rewarding activity for all those involved in the amateur youth sports industry.

In addition to teaching the fundamentals of sound coaching and instruction to volunteer coaches and parents, PlaySportsTV addresses such important youth sports topics as sports parenting, health and safety, and character and skill development. Training, like many of the other critical issues in youth sports, is so important in the development of a strong youth sports program expanding the educational reach to youth sports coaches and parents committed to developing well-rounded athletes.

Whether an individual is seeking a base of knowledge for the first time or increasing their range of skills and drills, PlaySportsTV's online instructional videos in 17 youth sports works for training at all levels. Furthermore, PlaySportsTV 's materials can be effortlessly integrated to complement an organization's existing teams and leagues training. Youth sports industry coaches, team managers and sports parents have 24/7 online access to PlaySportsTV's videos and training plans.

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