The NCYS P.L.A.Y.S. Act works to advance the positive impact of sports on our youth.  The content of the legislation is centered around coaching education, parenting education, reducing injuries, and safety in youth sports.

P.L.A.Y.S. – Physical Activity, Living Healthy, Access, Youth Development & Safety

Rep. Ron Kind (D-NC), introduced the NCYS P.L.A.Y.S. Act (Physical Activity, Living Healthy, Access, Youth Development & Safety) with co-sponsors from 11 Youth Sports Caucus members.

The intention of P.L.A.Y.S. is to:

  • Promote increased participation in youth sports
  • Improve the health and positive youth development impacts of youth sports
  • Implement coach training and certification
  • Develop coaching guidelines
  • Create an athlete code of conduct
  • Develop evaluation and results implementation process
  • Instruct positive parental involvements
  • Foster a positive sport experience for all such as regarding nutrition practices, academic performance, encouragement of life-long practices, and promotion of positive self-image;
  • Promote safety and health, including background checks, abuse prevention and nutrition practices


The P.L.A.Y.S. Act requires the Government Accountability Office to report on a history of the prior 50 years of federal programs used to help promote the effectiveness, participation, health, and safety of non-school based organized youth sports and on their effectiveness and outcomes.  It also requires the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) to report on youth sports risk prevention efforts conducted or supported by HHS and other federal agencies, beneficial practices in place relating to such efforts and the effectiveness of such practices, and further steps and resources needed to reduce risks and increase the benefits of sports.

Some 100 local and national organizations signed on in support of the introduction and passage of the P.L.A.Y.S. Act.