NCYS has developed the minimum industry standard for youth-serving organizations when establishing its own policies to protect the interests of youth participants.

NCYS Child Safety Packet

The NCYS Recommended Guidelines, 2nd Edition

The Gold Standard of Best Practices for Background Screening and Managing Risk In Nonprofit Youth-Serving Organizations

The guidelines were created so organizations do not have to start from scratch in developing minimum standards for policies, procedures, and best practices. The NCYS Recommended Guidelines have become the national template for promoting safety while protecting children and athletes.

In today’s litigious climate and strict legal compliance environment, having appropriate documented policies and practices in place is an essential part of managing risk and creating a zero tolerance culture in your organization.

Contents of the NCYS Child Safety Packet include:

  • NCYS Recommended Guidelines©
  • NCYS Codes of Conduct Template©
  • NCYS-NCSI Member Benefit Discount
  • NCSI Introductory Presentation
  • NCSI Prevention & Response Training
  • Darkness to Light Additional Resources for Youth Serving Organizations